• LALA  offers regenerating and empowering seminars, courses, and residential retreats.

  • The principle that inspires and informs our proposals is that each and every one of us is an artist whose creation is the life we live.
  • Why is this artistic vision valuable today? It has been said that the function of art is awakening the things that are asleep. And what is sleeping in today’s world besieged by crises and the raging fires and storms of polarised and conflicting ideologies is the wisdom and courage needed to sit in the fire of these contrasting opinions. Only by the capacity to hold the space of concentration and compassion, to work with contrast and dissonance in artful ways to realize higher harmonies, can we hope to find the middle path, the path of deep all inclusive democracy, that can allow transformation, resolution, and liberation. The artist’s way is the way of the river, the path of inclusive process. The artist’s skills are those of deep listening and insightful seeing, it is the capacity to improvise and tap into the intuitive wisdom that can bring into the world what is as yet unmanifest.  

  • LALA experiences are interdisciplinary, holistic, and experiential. They combine artistic, psychotherapeutic, and spiritual practices to create an integrated skill set, and a sense of heart coherence, and empowerment. The workshops integrate elements from different practices and disciplines – Non-Violent Communication, Process-Oriented Psychology, improvisation, conscious breath and movement practices, voice, poetry, music, mindfulness meditation, and others. 

  • We use the 5 Steps For Achieving Anything1 self-connection, purpose, communication, collaboration and celebration as an organising model for our programs. Celebration allows healing, healing brings inspiration, inspiration gives us our sense of purpose and this opens paths of learning. And so, we celebrate, heal, inspire and educate.

  • LALA is continuously researching, developing, and sharing skills for facing these creative life challenges and opportunities. We find ourselves in a time of dizzying change, frightening polarization, conflict, and many different crises coming together all at once. It seems this global crisis pushes us to reinvent ourselves and our world on a daily basis. The word crisis originally referred to a turning point in a disease, a critical moment that can result in a change for the better or a worsening of the condition. There is no artistic process without some crisis moments. Touching base with our dreams, knowing our needs, and connecting to our sense of life purpose is medicine. It can help us cultivate mental, emotional, spiritual and physical resilience, flexibility, and strength. This is what we need to dance on the edge of this volcano of the emerging future. 



Whatever it takes

Wherever it takes me

Follow the dream


May be an image of tree and text that says 'THE ART OF RELATIONSHIP'

Difficult emotions, difficult situations, stress, fear, numbness, a sense of pressure, urgency, emergency, a call, a cry for help…The Alchemy of Self-Connection, the Alchemy of Breath…take a few breaths, create space for coming to your senses…self-connection happens. Reflection, space to perceive options, choices, empowerment, inner leadership. Get to know yourself, learn to know the signals. Commit to the practice that helps. Breathe, listen, feel, know, choose, act. These were the themes, the elements, the things we touched upon and touched us during the second “I Am Alchemy” conversation on The Art Of Relationship. Think about it, the ART of relationship. NEXT THURSDAY, September 23 @ 6 pm CET we will come together again for the concluding gathering in this intro series. Please come if the spirit moves you and you resonate with how essential our strands, lines, and threads of relationship are for understanding and creating moments of beauty and meaning.https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/597153594


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