LALA programs

Meditation – mindfulness, chakra sounding alignment voice work, dynamic breath/movement meditation, and creative writing form an integrated practice aimed at opening channels of intuition to discover our purposes as we explore and unlock our imagination, discover our dreams and contemplate what native American culture calls The Great Smoking Mirror, the infinite sea of what aboriginal Australian tradition calls Dreamtime, the source of all creation and creativity.

The Power of Stories – a deeply poetic and practical reflection on the creative power of our inner and outer narratives and the magic of words. Automatic writing, self-narration, creative autobiography, poetry, storytelling. How we know and present ourselves in the world and thereby create our realities.

Voice – exploring, appreciating and liberating the voice as unique individual expression and collective harmony in the celebration of diversity.

The Big Question – holistic and experiential instruments from a variety of psychotherapeutic and spiritual approaches to self-discovery including elements of voice dialog (psychology of the selves), and the art of process (inspired by the work of ~Arnold Mindell).

Conscious Creative Communication – inspired by NVC (nonviolent communication) and mindful communication.

The Storytelling Body – a variety of conscious movement practices including evolutionary sources of movement, yoga, vyayam, gyrokinesis, alexander technique, and dancing to the silence and to the music.

The Theater of the Soul improvisation, working with words, sounds, images and the body to express and explore what moves within and wants to be embodied in our acting (actions)

Live Food – preparing and eating food from every world culinary tradition with its life energy intact.

Integrated Massage intuitive and knowledgeable touch therapy.

Seeing Things & Crafting Imagination– painting, drawing, photography, video, modeling, assembling and mosaic.

The Music of Chance – listening and playing – rhythms and melodies from the heartbeat to the sounds the breath makes as it passes through us and other instruments.

Our programs are in evolution and are adapted to meet the needs of our participants and our evolving curiosity, love of learning, research and sharing. They are designed to awaken presence, creativity, courage, awareness, and intimacy with ourselves, others, and the world.

LALA’s courses, workshops, groups, and individual residential retreats and events are practical and celebrative.