The Power Of Stories

Someone asked me,“What is it that you do?”.  Walking home along the river I found myself answering: “It is not so simple to explain because it’s just so simple.”

It is about alignment, alignment between our inner world of connection with our essence, our spiritual needs, our psychology, our desires and dreams, the alignment between this sea of Dreamland and our actions (and not only our’s) in the world and the realities they generate. The reality we call everday life. The power of our mind, of our words, the power of our actions, the power of our body language. The goal of this work is to connect to our dreams, realize their importance and soften, liquidify, the border between this Dreamtime world and the world of daily living.

The work aims to share and awaken the realization that we are creators, that we are all artists and that together we create the world. That we are here to contribute to the art of being, the art of life. This is what calls me to discover, research and transmit to the people who participate working individually and together on our stories.

What’s this work about? Self-Realisation. To realize that we are not who we often think we are, or not only who/what we think we are. We are much more, much more diverse, much more open, much more varied. In reality, without limits.

The aim is to realize space. Space within ourselves, and space around ourselves to really appreciate what’s going on, to really connect, and celebrate, create moments of beauty and meaning in whatever we’re doing.