Decalog Against Fear by the inspired Italian Franco Arminio

Image may contain: 1 person, beard and closeupCORONAVIRUS: The Decalogue Against Fear, written by the poet and landscape architect Franco Arminio (passed to me by a serious person):

1. The passions, the intimate and the civil ones, increase the immune defenses. Being enthusiastic about someone or something defends us from many diseases.
2. Reading a book rather than going to the mall.
3. Making love rather than going to a pizzeria.
4. Walking in the countryside or in almost empty villages.
5. Understand that we are immersed in the universe and that we could not live without plants while plants would remain in the world even without us. Staying a little time away from crowded places can be an opportunity to rediscover a relationship with nature, starting from the one within us.
6. Traveling around. Tourism is a much bigger plague than the coronavirus. It is absurd to pollute the planet with airplanes just because we no longer know how to stand still.
7. Knowing that commercial life is not the only life possible, there is also opera life. The economic crisis is serious, but much less so than the theological crisis: losing a company is less serious than losing the sense of the sacred.
8. Life is dangerous, it will always be dangerous, each of us can die for any reason in the next ten minutes, there is no possibility of not dying.
9. Wash your hands very often, inform yourself but without exaggeration. Knowing that we also have a lust for fear and immediately find someone who will sell it to us. Our vocation for consumption now makes us consumers of fear. There is a risk that panic will become a form of entertainment.
10. Be quiet now and then, watch more than talk. Knowing that the cure before medicine comes from the form we give to our lives. To escape the dictatorship of the time and its evils one must be careful, quick and light, exact and plural.