The End Of The World

Yes, and I say it joyfully, the world has ended!

When I ask them, friends are saying, “yes, this slowdown, this lockdown, this stop which came from nowhere, the way we’re living now, home with loved ones eating, reading, dancing, making love, talking about it all, reflecting, meditating, chatting with others, it’s the life we always wanted”. Others say, “Hey look, they took over, fascism, dictatorship is rising, look at all this control of people suddenly, everybody everywhere locked in their houses, the economy has come to a screeching halt and soon the big boys will be asking for a bailout at our expense, and look, the only ones allowed to circulate freely are police and military”. Things that make you go Hmm.

Perhaps it’s not what it seems. Perhaps this is a gift, a deep and severe teaching. Maybe the old world is done, gone for good. Perhaps this new situation is it, a new world that begins here and goes on like this for, I won’t say forever, because nothing is forever. Yet everything is always now, the time in which we live it. And that old world, the world who’s voices still can be heard when we say “this could be the beginning of a new reality”, we can hear them in the whispers and shouts you hear inside and around you saying, “yeah but how are you going to make that work?” Well, are those old voices? Could they be echoes of our dreams of scarcity, and our ancestors, the ones we were until a few days ago –  until we that world came to an end?

Well, is this true? Is it just a wild fantasy? It’s up to us, choose!