STORED and the power of STORIES

The past is a storehouse of all the things that have been done.

The transitoriness of life does not annihilate what has happened.

On the contrary, what has happened in stored forever in the past. 

Something done can never be undone. (Viktor Frankl)

The past is “stored” and this is clearly why stories are so powerful. They can recreate things experienced in the past with the possibility of transforming them in the present.


If we had to give a name for our human disease I think it would be SEPARATION – the feeling of being separate individuals. Of course, individuation is essential if we are to develop our body, mind, and soul to become creative beings and bring our power, passion, and, purpose to the circle of our collective human being, interacting and doing. But the HEALING of our DIS-EASE is surly in joining the Circle. And the circles have been ever-expanding as our awareness of ourselves and the world has grown throughout our evolution. And now this global crisis brings its message, its blessing – the circle is the Circle Of Humanity here now on earth INTERBEING.
DEEP DEMOCRACY – sharing our stories, the things we love and fear, the things we envision and long for, and our capacity to support, help and contribute to each other. Recognizing our common humanity, our connection to our common human needs and nature and connection to Nature that supports, contains and has given us life, this is how the Circle of Stories offers us healing, making us WHOLE.


22-23 June 2019 Lousie Evans and I gave our first seminar together.

The Art of Relationship — Exploring the Language of collaboration and Love

The group was composed of a community of individuals living and working together and some of their friends…all of them in relationships, all of them interested in improving their partnerships.

The result was a deeply moving and inspiring event that has left us all with the desire to continue and develop this precious work.

Louise and I very inspired and committed to developing our collaboration and offering the fruits of our interaction and cross-fertilization to more people in the future.  Stay tuned!

Tallest Building In Town Ain’t That Religion?

I heard an interview with Joseph Campbell in which he reflected on how the tallest buildings of any given era express the values and myths that drive that culture. So in ancient times, the tallest building of any town was the cathedral, temple or sacred monument, then in the era of princes and merchants, the tallest structures were the palaces and royal administrative buildings; now, in our modern, economically driven times, the tallest buildings are bank or corporate headquarters. Things that make you go “hmmm“.

Yuval Noah Harari points out that of all the stories homo sapiens have created, the most powerful and sustainable one so far is the story of the value and importance of money. Everything is driven by economics, the story of money seems to be today’s religion.

On one hand, I see this need to monetize everything we do as a collective delirium that has taken over our lives, a consensus reality that mistakes making a living for just living.

However, the idea that each one of us can transform our talents and passions into economy generating activities, that we all can become freelance content creators, independent entrepreneurs, life artists, is fantastic. The possibility to make our living by practicing the things we feel make life worth living, seems like a giant step in the evolution of our thinking and doing concerning work and how we understand what we’re here to do.

Given the upcoming fusion of robotics and artificial intelligence, the predictions about the future of work and the labor market are that a so-called “useless class” (Harari) may be created. Millions and millions of people out of work. This seems to be inevitable. But is it a problem? Doesn’t it open the door to the development of a population of researchers, philosophers, artists, freelance creatives, people free to develop themselves rather than chained to the wheels of underpaid labor with the sole purpose of paying off debts and consuming stuff produced in order to keep them working so they can buy stuff and keep the machine rolling?  Can it be that this is what the current transformation of the concepts of work and the shift towards independent freelance activity is about? As Douglas Rushkoff said, “I’m not an optimist, but I am hopeful.”


Falling continuously into this moment of BEING.
Do not cling to your beliefs.
Do not cling to your securities.
Do not cling to anything.
Let AWARENESS, the focused silent witness
pierce gently the veil of opinions, beliefs, preconceptions, acquired reaction patterns, defense mechanisms, proofs and theories
and see what is that can contain the broadest truth as things present themselves now.