The day after Firenze III – the power of stories workshop

This weekend’s workshop in Florence was focused on the 3rd step of the 5 Steps For Achieving Anything Communication. It’s been a powerful and deeply touching encounter with a group that unfolded honest, authentic, courageous, creative, playful and vulnerable presence. A real gift and honor to be able to serve such a process.

At the end it was decided to call the group The Field, a reference to the field of living being that gives birth, shape and sustenance to all that is and in which our existence, experience, learning and development unfold.

Writings and words of participants.

As Gemma, whose name means 
jewel, said: 
I take away a piece more of me.   I take with me looks, smiles and throbs of humanity.  

This is was my take-away: I take away a sense of wonder and admiration for your bravery and sincerity, a sense of joy for having been able to share all this, a hope that it has served you, and a sense of respect for your concentration in facing the challenges of our education. I would like to thank you for the beauty that you let me see and live.

Francesca said: In the work with Ron we talk about the field, which I understand as the circle of sharing in a protected environment. Around the great vibrant heart of the field, everyone takes care of themselves and together of everyone else. The vibrations are already inside of us we just need to pull them out and Ron invites them to dance. Through his work, he invites them to take voice with the words of the conscious soul that wants to be heard. These words, which now are far from us because the we have forgotten, return. It is like hearing the sound of a bell that invites us to come home. We gather around the circle, each with our own personal story, each with our own internal jackals. And we become aware of a common resonance that touches everyone’s experience releasing the knots, freeing us from loneliness and strengthening our awareness. It is a precious process that comes from the integration of different techniques: mindfulness, automatic writing, body movement, use of the voice, storytelling, meditation and non-violent communication (M. Rosenberg), processwork (of A. Mindell). The aim of all these techniques is to achieve greater awareness through a creative process and empathic listening for conflict resolution in both dialogue with ourselves and in listening and communicating with others. After this journey I bring with me a great certainty that human frailty is a huge resource. These two days have been precious, delicate, intense, full of of true and honest contact with myself and with all my companions. A journey of discovery, of sharing, of amazement and creativity, of meeting with others, of exchange and tenderness. I am immensely grateful to have been able to do such an important and valuable work with my friend Ron, a very dear and special person beyond my imagination.

Thank you
for the open arms,
for useful questions and the decisive step.
For the absence of judgment
and for what moves inside.

Thank you
for the luminous gem,
for her sensitive and delicate strength that touches me,
for wet handkerchiefs,
for the lowered eyes listening to the hearts beyond their own pain.


More will follow…