a meeting of souls or a meeting of roles?


a meeting of souls not roles

Last night I was at dinner with friends and some friends of my friends. This couple, the friends of my friends, follow some spiritual teaching and the boyfriend (let’s call him A) of my friend is into yoga. We talked at length about the spiritual practice the couple is engaged in. I was really trying to understand what they were into and what this practice, which they were not really explaining, was giving them. In the course of the evening’s conversations I also said some things about what I do and share with people and some reflections about the yogic perspective came from A.

On the way home and this morning I was feeling some kind of sadness. At first it presented itself as doubts about the utility for others of the things I practice and teach. Is there interest? Is there any real benefit? Am I able to contribute to their understanding and happiness? After some time dancing with my jackals trying to sense what is in their heart, I came to the understanding that the real source of my sadness was my need to just BE and meet others beyond our roles, our professional or devotional identities – a meeting of souls beyond roles. In fact what I am practicing and sharing in my work are experiences and instruments for self-connection, discovering purpose, communication, collaboration and celebration that are free of labels, free of isms. Of course I am grateful and pay homage to the contributions and teachings of many masters, teachers, researchers and seekers. I acknowledge them by name so that anyone can deepen their familiarity with these things that have been and are of profound inspiration to me. But I’m never suggesting that anyone should become a follower of any of these things. My purpose is to inspire and facilitate each person’s awakening and transformational process toward what their real needs are and what the dreams that move them are.